Think of the Bible


A chubby gray-haired man approaches a disheveled looking man in a parking log. The gray haired man says, "Hey, you putz! I was gonna park there! I had my blinker on!" And the disheveled man says, "What are you gonna do about it, old man?" with a sneer.

The gray haired man grabs the disheveled man by the necktie and says, "How about I kick your ass?" And the disheveled man, who looks worried says, "Wait, no! Think of the Bible!"

Close-up on the gray haired man as he thinks of a picture of a bible

The disheveled man is now nailed to a large cross, blood dripping from the nails through his hands. He yells to the gray haired man in the foreground, "Oh come on! I don't deserve this!" The gray haired man, holding a hammer says, "Do you think you're better than Jesus?"